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Call for Brand Identity

Do you have graphic design experience or think you can make something great? 757ColorCoded is searching for a cohesive brand identity as it grows. We need a clearly read and understood logo that can be scaled as needed. To complete the branding, it would be helpful to have a color palette and typography as well. […]

How to Deploy Your Twitter Bot (or Other Worker App) to Heroku

Ok, so we recently walked through getting started building a Node.js Twitter bot and then actually putting together functions to make it work. When we left off you had a really cool Twitter bot that acts automatically. Hopefully you?ve added some functions or features that really make it your own. Problem is, it?s not much […]

How to Build a Twitter Bot in Node.js, Part 1: Functionality

This is the second part of a two-part series on creating a Twitter bot. In the first part, we reviewed setting up Twitter credentials for the bot, ensured we have Node and NPM available, and began working with our directory structure and Twitter API module. In this second part, we?ll go over using the API […]

How to Build a Twitter Bot in Node.js, Part 0: Getting Started

When just starting out with Node.js, piecing together a front- and back-end and successfully deploying the app can be a bit intimidating. A great way to get your feet wet working with Node.js and deploying to Heroku without having a front-end to deal with is by making a Twitter bot. Not only are they incredibly […]